December 19, 2016

Matcha, Matcha, Matcha!

My Instagram Post 19 December 2016

Small Tea


How is Matcha Made:
There are certainly many imitations and the quality range is very wide, but the finest matcha comes from the finest Gyokuro, the buttery sweet green tea of Japan. The process to create this tea is intense and involves many steps.
1. In Spring, the tea plants are being shaded reducing the amount of sunlight for up to 3 months to help increase the level and intensity of color and flavor.

2. Usually on the 88th day the Tea leaves are hand picked.
3. They are steamed for about 20s to prevent oxidation and to retain the green color.
4. Then gently air dried by hand-tossing them or in brick ovens to remove the moisture.
5. The Result of this is: Tencha. They store them in wooden boxes and Refrigerate.
6. Then the dry leaves are graded and cleaned. All the stems, twigs and veins are removed. Once they are even in size and color the Tencha is ready to become its final product.
7. The Tencha is Stone Ground into a micro-powder consistency.
8. The Result : Matcha.
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