January 17, 2017

Matcha Class Lesson 2: The Difference Between Matcha and Regular Green Tea

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Matcha Class | Lesson 2: The difference between matcha and other green teas: Apart from the processing which we discussed in our previous lesson, there are other major differences between matcha and other green teas. Green tea can vary widely in quality due to the many growing and processing techniques used to produce different teas. With matcha, usually only the best buds and leaves are picked to ensure quality. When drinking regular green tea (which we will call loose-leaf green tea from now on), the leaves are discarded after steeping. With matcha, the leaf has been pulverized and whisked into the water so you are consuming the whole leaf along with all the added benefits of this. This is why matcha has more caffeine, polyphenols, antioxidants and L-theanine (all the good stuff!) than loose leaf green tea. If green tea were a kingdom, matcha would undoubtably be king. Because it is in powdered form, there are many more uses for matcha apart from just drinking it. You can find matcha in baked goods (like our matcha pound cakes!) smoothies, ice cream, even in cooked meals. There’s no end to the uses of this wonderful powder. Next we will discuss how to brew the perfect bowl of matcha!


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