• 84 TEAS

    Somewhere in these 9 categories of teas, your favorite is waiting patiently to be discovered. What’s that? You already have a favorite tea? Excellent, let’s call that… the one to beat. And now we want you to open your mind and your palate just a little bit and venture outside of your tea comfort zone. Got a big decision to make? Try one of our Ayurveda teas (Ayurveda means “life wisdom”). Feeling a little spicy? Try a Chai. Got a bit of a sweet tooth? A Rooibos tea may be your happy place. Need to be alert, but without the caffeine? We have two words for you: Go Green. Oh, so you actually do want a bit of a caffeine kick? Try a Maté. You get the idea. Try a few from each category if you’re daring enough, and, of course, you can always come back to your original favorite at any time. But you’ll be coming back with a more sophisticated palate. And quite possibly a new favorite. Or five.

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